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Let's take an abstract view to our life and find out what is really important for us. What events from your biography do you consider ultimate? I think answers will be the same. It is family or the continuation of the humankind. In every particular case it is the continuation of the kind. I take it there are some other things that also matter like career for example. Let's assume forming a family is ONE OF the most important things in human life. So why putting it at stake? You shouldn't trust laymen here. But here is the question: who are laymen and who are not?

No, I'm not going to sing praises to our agency. If you are our client and reading our newsletters there is no need to do it! I want to give you major characteristic of our dating service and why I would join ChanceForLove if I were single.

Now seriously. Our agency has been in the marriage business since its early start in our country. We established in 1997. This is the period of Russian Internet and PCs that give us the opportunity to arrange Internet marriage agencies. We are not very old like Ford Motors for instance, in terms of big business. Still no special books or scientific conferences on marriage business issues. However, we are rapidly developing and keeping up to date. We've gained a lot of experience: at first we were just a part of the international marriage net, then worked independently. Now we are creating our own partnership net that is Chance For Love Network. In our work we face a huge number of agencies that are ready to work with us. However, we don't trust all of them. So we have created our own methods of revealing and sorting out those that are worth working with and avoiding all others. Our motto is:

First of all, these are women with the serious intentions. Our specialization is very narrow: marriage Agency! So, we are not interested in such clients who just want to have a good time for a while or to find an adventure. All our women want to get married and to regulate their happiness beyond the bounds of Russia. We follow to our position and we do our best in order not to have light-headed women in our catalogue.
- First we have the interview with the lady, before we take her data.
- We check the passport of the woman and we control the honest statement of the form.
- Then we keep in touch with her constantly and we can find her in a short time. Usually we always know: if she is in the city now or she is away, if she is ill or fine, and if there any other reasons, which can bother her to answer the letters in time.
- All the correspondence is carried out through the Agency and due to it, we can see every fact of money request (for example, for the trip) and to check it's reasonable quantity too.
- We struggle against such occurrence like SCAMMERS and we give up easily with dishonest clients.

Let's watch the process of the correspondence together. Maybe it will help you to know our possibilities better and to usethem.
So, you looked through our catalogue and you want to write a woman.
1. To send a lady a letter, simply go to her profile page and click on the button that says, "Send me a letter".
2. You will now be prompted to enter your email address and password.
3. If you have never used our service, register as a new member and follow the instructions.
4. Once you have logged in, you can type your letter into the letterbox and attach pictures.
5. Once you have completed the letter, you press the "enter" the letter is accepted for processing and email directly to the office that handles that lady for delivery.
6. Once a letter has been sent, you cannot change its contents, so please ensure it is correct before you send it.
When we get your letter in our office, we:
1. Register it;
2. We call to the lady and ask her to come to the office to take the letter.
3. Lady comes to the office, we print her letter and photo (if you included one). We translate if it is necessary.
4. The woman can write the answer at once in the office or at home.
5. According to our rules, woman should answer to ALL the letters: positively or negatively.
6. If the woman did not answer for seven days, so according to our agreements, we hide profile from our catalogue.
7. If the woman can not answer temporally because of some reasons (sickness, business trip and etc.), she let us know about it. If she will be absent more than two weeks, we hide her profile temporally. If less than two weeks - we will send you theappropriate message about it from the Agency.
8. We translate her answer into English and we send it to your e-mail.
9. Women write the letters manually and we keep all the hand-written letters for one year. If you want to be convinced of it, we can send you scanned letter. Though it will be in Russian: You can ask to send you scanned hand-written letter, if you are doubt in something: for example, to check some mistakes.
10.We constantly struggle against standard letters. We don't accept if a woman writes one and the same letter to several men. She must write each letter personally according to our rules.

1000 or more profiles on the web site are too many, just because it is hard to keep profiles up-to-date. From one point of veiw it is better for men when they have a big choice and from another point women creates a strong competions within one site. The more proflies on the web site - the women get less or zero letters and more work needs to be done to keep them up-to-date. For me it is a simple math task. From my experience only 30-40% of women listed in any gallery on any web site regularly receive letters from men. Other women can wait a letter for months. But in order to be sure that such a forgotten woman is still available is to call her regularly at least once in 3-4 weeks. So what do we have? On the web site with 1500 women only 500 come to the office to pick up the letter at least once in 1-2 weeks. Other 1000 don't that. And to make sure they are available an agency staff has to make 40 phone calls daily to ring round all 1000 women in 30 days. Is it real? Nope. And they never do that. And if there are 10.000 women on the site? Well, only big dating networks have such big client database, but could you imagine what it takes to make sure every proflie is real and up to date? So to my opinion 500-600 women is what an average local dating service can handle. Another major thing that happens to every company that gets bigger - they loose personal touch of a client oriented company. The smaller web site is the more chances they will treat you as a valuable clients, but not like one of thousands.

Regarding women it means that our managers know every woman personally, they have seen all of them at least once and keep in touch with them over phone. We don't accept profiles by Internet or from women who live in distant places. All our women live in cities and towns where our offices are or close to them so that we could easily reach them if any problems arise. Our managers are always in the know if a woman is in the city or away, the state of her health, etc. They are always ready to listen to a lady's problems, help her with advice. Regarding men individual approach means that you can contact us and ask them any questions concerned. Despite their youth our managers are fairly experienced and competent in a wide range of questions. If you need some service you can't see in the list of our services, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to render it if possible. We realize that you come across many difficulties on your way to the goal to marry a Russian woman and always ready to help you as much as we can. For this purpose we regularly deliver newsletter where you can read our news, about Russian holidays and traditions, answers to your questions, instructive stories, and just useful information about how to organize your meeting, how to charm your lady and a lot of others how to.

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