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The main and most important thing that bothers each man who begins to correspond with a lady, especially if the lady is a member of a Dating Service, is the question if the woman you correspond with is real. Unfortunately, a lot of dishonest agencies and Dating Services that operate in the Internet, made this concern real and essential. This page was created for those men who are very skeptical about Dating Services and need real proof that this is not a scam. We are placing here, the real stories of men who met with our client-women in our native city of Kazan and cites where we have representatives. Or, invited a woman to their own country, or other place where they met and spent their time together trying to know each other better. These men had a chance to see the real proof of our work, and they were grateful that we did our best to make them happy.
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Dear Agency:
I wanted to thank you for all of the assitance your office has provided me. You seem to be very sincere in your efforts to accomodate me and the nice ladies that I correspond with. I am most pleased with the service and success I have had with your agency.

Many thanks!
Published: September 14, 2005

Teddy from Sweden

Hello Slava,
I want to thank you and your staff for all help with me and Rimma. We met first time in September 2002 and second time new year 2002/03 and third time in May 2003 when Rimma came to visit to Sweden. We got engaged April 30th and our wedding is going to be in Kazan July 6th 2003 with many friends. Our honeymoon is covering Sweden, Finland,Italy and France. She left application of residence permit to Sweden in May and we are going to settle down in my home city.

Of course we are very happy and wait for big things in our life together. I'm happy I
Published: January 07, 2005

Raymond Heim

Hello Sabina and Slava,
Just want to thank you for making me one Happy guy, Slava I also want you to know that Sabina is the best, She is a very hard worker and without her I don't think your buisness would be as good as it is, I want you also to know this is true love, I took the Chance and I guess you are so wright about Chance for love, I told BBC You are the best dating site online for Russain women, I told them Sabina is a very nice lady and your staff is very Profeshional in what they do. This I think should help you also in people joining your dating site
Published: December 11, 2005

Jeffrey Casella

I have been able to correspond with Oksana by letters and phone very frequently since july and i have never been as excited about a woman as i am about her that is why i want my visit to be very unique and special for her. On another note your staff does a great job on presenting an accurate description of your clients since our correspondance started she has been everything that her profile said she was and more that is why i have such trust and have recommended your site to some of my friends. Thank You for introducing me to the most beautiful sweetest and since
Published: April 13, 2005

David Windsor

Thank you very much. I think this is a wonderful service you are doing for your friends in Russia/Ukraine, and for people in the West like me. Thank-you very much.

Published: August 17, 2005


I'am very pleased with your services, you have all been honest, and great service for me, i have found a wonderful and beautiful women through your agency, and i can not thank you enough, ia'm now trying to get a fiancee petition for my nadya to come to america. Thanks again!!!!!!!

Published: July 05, 2005


Hello Slava,

I would like to thank and congratulate you on how you concern yourself with clients. I so very much appreciate your wonderfully
informative and highly interesting newsletters. Just by reading them shows
me how much a professional and caring lady you are, and in all honesty even though i may not be corresponding to a lady through your agency i am letting you know that i haven't found an agency who's overall approach and attitude succeeds those of this agency. I will have no hesitation in recommending highly to any of my friends looking for a
Published: February 18, 2005


Hi Slava,

I would like to thank you and your team for providing such a wonderful service. I hope you love life is as rosy and colorful as I could imagine, since you have been making it happened for others. I met Tanya in Odessa in March this year, and we stayed in a hotel (separate rooms of course and sad) for a week. I hope you will
forgive me for not arranging through you as I'm a kind of guy who wants a
bit of challenge in life and 'DIY (Do it yourself)'. We had a wonderful time there -
having numerous exotic lunches; candle lights diners; club
Published: March 11, 2005

Douglas and Nadezhda

Hello, my name is Douglas, i live in the united states. I want to tell everyone, that i have found the most wonderful women in the world, and she is from russia!!!! she has been in america for 6 months now, and we met 2 years ago, from chance for love.Here name is Nadezhda, and she is so great, she is nothing
like american women, she is kind, she love family life, she is very intellegent. i want to say that if you think russian women our stupid, you are totally wrong. I'am not an intellegent man, i have work at my job for 25 years, I have never been out of the un
Published: June 28, 2005

Christopher Staats and Ekaterina Zavodovskaya

We would like to thank you and your service. Ekaterina and I will be married on July 24. My Katyusha has her VISA and she will be flying to Seattle at the end of the month. I would recommend that the men have there lady stay at the hotel Mir in Moscow. The price is reasonable by American standards and it is very convenient to US embassy. The VISA application was simple however you must read all the forms fully and carefully just as if you are doing your taxes. The interview took all of 5 minutes since Katya already spoke English and she had been practicing they sp
Published: October 05, 2005
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These men had a chance to see the real proof of our work, and we did our best to make them happy. Some of the agreed to publish their e-mal addresses, please don't be too fervent in your intentions to find our about our service. We placed their addressese to give you a proof, but not for consultationsfrom them. Ask our managers if you have any questions about our rules, prices and etc.

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