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The main and most important thing that bothers each man who begins to correspond with a lady, especially if the lady is a member of a Dating Service, is the question if the woman you correspond with is real. Unfortunately, a lot of dishonest agencies and Dating Services that operate in the Internet, made this concern real and essential. This page was created for those men who are very skeptical about Dating Services and need real proof that this is not a scam. We are placing here, the real stories of men who met with our client-women in our native city of Kazan and cites where we have representatives. Or, invited a woman to their own country, or other place where they met and spent their time together trying to know each other better. These men had a chance to see the real proof of our work, and they were grateful that we did our best to make them happy.
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Laurent and Larisa

??I would like to thank with the big pleasure everybody at the agency for the quality of your service and for the interest you show to resolve the problems of people (especially thank you Miss Julia and Mister Slava).

With ??Chance for love?, I??ve met a wonderful woman, a woman with such nice and attractive personality, good principles, good education and of course who is beautiful and have much charm, femininity! Yes I??ve met the true Love with Tatiana.

Of course it??s a question of luck because I would never have thought that such woman could sti
Published: October 28, 2005

Joe Bennett and Natasha

Good day gentleman. My name is Joe and I have nothing but good things to say about Chance for Love and its highly professional and caring staff. I never had the opportunity to visit the office in Kazan, but I assure you Slava and his staff go the extra mile to provide outstanding service to all of their clients.

I met my beautiful soon to be bride Natasha through Chance for Love, and had them handle all of the travel arrangements for me when I traveled to Donetsk to visit her. I was met at the airport by Tatyana and Victoria (the Donetsk staff), they were
Published: December 01, 2005

Jason & Olesya Biggs

To everybody at the agency

I wish to inform you all that I and Olesya are now happily married. Our wedding was on 16th October 2008 and we were very lucky in that the weather in England was warm and sunny. We spent our honeymoon in the wonderful county of Cornwall, England. We are now in the process of obtaining Olesya??s 2 year extension visa; this, hopefully, will be achieved on November 7th 2008 (wish us luck).

Jason & Olesya

I would just like to thank you all in your support during my pursuit of a Russian wife this last 18 months. But I would like t
Published: October 27, 2008


i met a lady via this sight 6 months ago in the next 3 months we shall be solemnising.
Published: September 28, 2006

David Huddleston

Dear Slava and Ira, As you know, I am a new client of your agency and have been lucky enough to find Lubov Markova, a very beautiful lady who is obviously very kind, caring and compassionate. I pray that we will be together one day as man and wife.

I want to thank you for all the wonderful help you are giving Lubov and myself, for without you, I would still be lonely with nothing left in life to look forward to. It is true God brings two people together, but He has also blessed you both for considering others and bringing so much happiness to peoples lives. I
Published: April 10, 2006
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Randy and Marianna

To the staff,
I just want you to know that I just returned from my visit to Nikolaev, Ukraine where I met Marianna and we fell in love almost instantly. She is the most wonderful woman I've ever met. We had a big traditional engagement party with her friends, family and the staff and have started the paperwork for her visa. I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me. I have been alone for 10 long years waiting to find the perfect mate and thanks to you and your wonderful staff in Nikolaev (Oleg, Vartan, Lyuda, Irina & Lora) I have found her. The
Published: March 15, 2005
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Sylvan and Marina

Thank you for the great service you and your staff have provided. From all of the wonderful ladies that you represent, I met the woman of my dreams..

I am very impressed by your company. While I was looking through the various Internet companies, I found some dishonest operators and old listings of woman. Your company is very honest and fair on the charges for services. I found the listings new and the women very interested in writing to me. I know that I saved money and time in using your agency.

Again, thank you for all of your help.
Published: June 15, 2005
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Ulrich and Lilia

Meeting with your agency has changed my life completely. I met a woman I was looking for! If you want to be happy it doesn't matter where you significant other lives. I found true love and can't imagine my life without my wife! Thanks a lot to the agency for giving everybody a chance to find his or her happiness.
Published: February 27, 2003
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Ken and Lilia

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen (Smile) my name is Ken. Recently I met a very special person her name is Lilia. We plan to be married this year or as soon as she gets her Visa. I want to thank Slava, Sabina, Zhanna, Vartan, Oleg, Lyuda, Laura and Irina. They all played a part in bringing Lilia and I together. I am truly grateful to all for bringing Lilia into my life. I think they all enjoy there work and truly get a personal satisfaction of bringing something very good into people's lives. They are especially happy when they discover that a couple is getting married a
Published: June 27, 2005
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John and Oxana Russell
Meet in 2004 and got married in December 2004

Hello dear Slava and team,

We thought you would like to see some of our wedding photos from Saturday 4th December. We spent our honeymoon in Mauritius and had a great time. We came back to England and had our first Christmas together. It was also great to celebrate twice this year, one for English Christmas and one for Russian Christmas. :-p

We went to the British Embassy in London and got Oxana's visa extended for 2 years so we are both happy and relieved, we now planning and looking forward to our future together.

I hope you had a good Christmas and be
Published: January 10, 2006
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These men had a chance to see the real proof of our work, and we did our best to make them happy. Some of the agreed to publish their e-mal addresses, please don't be too fervent in your intentions to find our about our service. We placed their addressese to give you a proof, but not for consultationsfrom them. Ask our managers if you have any questions about our rules, prices and etc.

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