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We offer 3 types of membership. For first time users it is good to start with Trial membership. Browse thru our photo album, send unlimited amount of first introduction letters and receive one reply as a trail member. Without big money investment, almost for FREE, you will be able to find the woman who will be interested in you. After her positive reply you need to upgrade your membership status.

If you decide to continue relations, after lady's positive reply, you may choose either Silver or Golden membership. Silver option includes unlimited monthly e-mail exchanging with 1 or 2 women and regular address and phone number of any 1 (one) lady. Our Golden membership is available for a period of 1 month also. As a Golden member you will be allowed to retrieve 2 (two) addresses and phone numbers of any woman we represent in our pictured catalogue. Any addresses you don't use in a month roll over to the next if you instantly extend your membership with us.

On top of this, we allow you to exchange with an unlimited amount of letters with any ladies with no extra charges. If your lady does not speak fluent English or German or other language, don't worry about charges for translation services. We will do it for you for FREE.

We hope you will take a minute to look at our guarantees below and you will understand why we pride ourselves on the service we provide to clients. If you have any questions about our service, please visit our F.A.Q page to find the answers or fill out the feedback from so we can answer concern personally.

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Trial membership $5 (allows to send unlimited amount of first
introduction letters and receive a reply) Why Trial not free?
Silver membership $45 (monthly unlimited e-mail exchanging
with 1 or 2 woman. You get 1 address for FREE)
Golden membership $55 (monthly unlimited e-mail exchanging
with any amount of women. You get 2 addresses for FREE)

We accept

After filling the membership form you will be taken to a secure server for online processing of your transaction. Dating Services provided by Chance For Love Dating Network, sold by Charges will appear on your credit card bill or bank statement under the name CFL Services. All information submitted is encrypted using a secure server so you can feel safe when placing your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Also you may pay by Digital Check (US Bank Account Required). Contact us further information about sending wire transfers, personal checks, money orders, or Western Union if you want to use an alternative method of payment. Please note, however, if you are residing outside the US there will be a lengthy delay in processing your order due to it being a land mail transaction.

We guarantee that ALL of the ladies on our service are real and ACTIVELY looking for a serious relations and marriage. If you ever retrieve or order any addresses from us and the address or telephone number is incorrect, then we will give you a replacement address free of charge.

We guarantee that during 6 months of membership you will establish a meaningful correspondence with the women from our dating service. How can we offer that type of guarantee? With more than 8 years of positive results; we know it works!

Note that we can NOT guarantee positive replies from ladies, as this, is down to personal preferences and compatability. We can guarantee that any letters sent through us will be forwarded to the lady concerned, either through personal collection. If she is not interested, you will receive her no thank you answer explainng the reason why. If you write your first introduction letters to our women and never receive a positive reply, we will fully refund the price of your membership in case you don't want to use our services anymore.

Here is no recurring billing. When your membership has expired, your credit card will not be charged again. If you want to extend your membership you must do it by paying a membership fee again. You can do it either from the Services pages or you will will be able to do it if try to send a letter to our ladies. In that case you will receive an option to prolong your membership for several months with discount prices. If you retrieved our clients contact information, or got a positive reply and declined to answer back to the lady for your own personal reasons, then we will not refund the price of your membership fee.
In the beginning, send 5-7 first introduction letters. Our experience shows that you need to send at least 5-7 letters to have a positive reply. Here comes the list of countries that are not very popular for some reasons among russian women. So, if you are from there, double the number of your first introduction letters : Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Japan and Mexico. Your chances are very low if you are from Africa or South America too. We don't have intentions to offend anybody, but this is a reality. Make your letter informative. Tell the lady the basics about yourself and your life, and ask questions about her life and her interests. The object of the first letter is to get yourself noticed, and stand out from the other men she may have received letters from. Be sure to include a picture of yourself. Remember, you have seen her, but she has not seen you. Your chances of receiving a response, if you do not send a picture, are greatly decreased. If you don't get many replies, revise your letter or expectations accordingly, and try again.
Don't forget to show your attitude and send her flowers, or other small gifts that would be a sign of your respect and care. There are only a few holidays each year, and if you forget to congratulate her birthday or New Year, then you risk losing her to the competition of another man. Don't delay your visit to see her personally. The average time between beginning of e-mail exchanging and the visit to see a lady is about 6 months. Remember that she joined a dating service, not a pen pal club. One visit is worth hundreds of letters.

This is not the full list of recommendations we can give you, just our tips. Be it known that if you join us, you will get 24/7 custom care and we will treat you like our best friends. We are here to help you and our women take the first step to a happier and more fulfilling life, future, and destiny.

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