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Advertise yourself among single Russian women. Personal listing gives you opportunity to choose from women who are already interested in YOU. If you are not sure if girls from the website will answer your letters, than personal listing is a risk-free and cost-effective solution. Our clients report receiving up to several hundreds letters in response to their ads. Your ad features your full color photo, bio and personal details, requirements to a prospective partner, email address and a message (up to 1000 characters). You can list special requirements, and give complete information about yourself; so if a lady contacts you, she knows exactly who you are and what you are looking for. Women will be able to send you email without delay while they are online. And you have the benefit of contacting ladies who have access to email that makes correspondence with them fast and easy.
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We will add your profile to our printing catalogue which is available for women only in our main office in the city of Kazan. Your ad will work for 3 months, or until you request to remove it.

We will distribute your profile thoughout ChanceForLove Dating Network. Your Ad will be seen by more than 1000 women. Your data will be translated to Russian, which will ensure correct understanding of your ad. Your ad will work for 3 months, or until you request to remove it. Plus your will recieve a scaned copy of your translated advertimsent (see example) and FREE Trail membership.
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