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Name: Evgenia Shatraevskaya
Date of birth: 1980-10-08
Age: 38 yrs
Height: 156cm ~ 5'1"
Weight: 56kg ~123.46lb
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark blond
Build body: Normal
Education: College
Profession: seamstress
Occupation: seamstress
Smoker: No 
Drinker: No
Zodiac sign: Libra
Religion: Christian
Marital status Single
English language:2 (Understands written text with help of dictionary)
In own words: Im a quiet and kind person. I dont like conflicts or rows, I like to compromise. Im very sociable person and I like to make new friends and I everything new attracts me. I consider myself an erudite. I appreciate beauty and I like to be surrounded with nice things. I like needle-work: knitting (with crochet and with needles); embroidery (beading, to embroider in satin-stitch); wicker-work. I like to go in for sports such as eastern combats, boxing, shooting. I dont like doing nothing, I like to be active.
Seeks Partner:
Our tip
I want to meet a strong, loyal man. He should be a real man in all the aspects. A real man in my understanding is loyal, understanding, affectionate, easy-going, kind. I just want to him to be special and perfect for me.
Preferable age of the partner:
from 30 to 45
Her contact
information available:
Regular address
Residence:  Kharkov, Ukraine
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