What Trial Membership on our web site is not free? A good question! It is really very convenient to write the first letter free of charge, since you don't know if a girl will answer or not, so you ask "what for I should pay money"? Some web sites can afford it, but Chance For Love differs from them. We suggest you to write an unlimited number of First Introduction letters for a small fee. Let's see why do we need that fee.

1. Safety. At Chance For Love you have a possibility to correspond with as many women as you wish at flat monthly membership fee. Besides, translation service is free for our members. A process of receiving and transferring your letter to a lady involves at least 3 people - the manager who receive and register your letter in a database, a dispatcher who calls the lady and notify her about the letter and interpreter who translates the letter once the lady comes to the office to pick the letter up. And work of those people must be paid. Imagine a volume of work to be done if at least one member sends 20 first introduction letters? That's true.... huge.

At free dating sites it often happens that some men write up 50 first letters to girls and then don't answer any girls' letters, because it is only a game for them and they don't think about after-effects. That's why we put a material obstacle. You may tell that our fee is not so big obstacle. You are right, it is not a large sum, but it serves as a filter, which protects us from freebie-lovers. And it really works.

2. Readiness to pay for our service. Chance For Love gives you opportunity just to register and passively wait for letters. And it is free. But if you want to use our system, to become its active member, choose women and write them, then you must pay for membership. Choose Trial Membership to write an unlimited number of First Introduction letters or Monthly Membership to continue correspondence (starting from $45).

3. Seriousness of intentions. Chance For Love is the site for acquaintances with marriage purpose. We proceed from the principle that it is unacceptable to play with feelings of other people. That's why we want to avoid those for whom Internet dating is only an entertainment. Let them play at a great number of free sites, where there is no guarantee and protection. For our women and for us readiness to pay for the service of the Agency means seriousness of intentions.

That's why we need i! That fee helps us to work more effectively, provide safety and protection from not serious men. And you get a possibility to write an unlimited number of First Introduction letters and enjoy a good service! :-)