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We recommend USA Fiancee Visa Service by Mark J. Hlava



K1 Fiancee Visas

USA Fiancee Visas has a 100% success rate!
I married a lady from Khabarovsk,Russia so in me you have a man who not knows this from a professional standpoint but also a personal one.

USA Fiancee Visa Kit

This kit was prepared by us for those wishing to attempt the fiancee visa application on their own. It contains all the necessary fiancee visa forms and an instruction sheet on how the application should look upon submission.

The cost of the Fiancee Visa kit is $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Acceptance of the fiancee visa can be delayed if there are any mistakes on the application. Immigration looks over each application very carefully to insure you have what is needed. If you have NOT included what is required Immigration in most cases will deny your application and you cannot re-apply for until 6 months later. Calling Immigration is generally a nightmare as you wait, wait and wait some more until you finally get a person on the line you may be able to assist you correctly with your questions, you may call 3 times you may get 3 different answers to the same question. These are generally phone answering people who are NOT knowledgeable about the process.

The USA Fiancee Visa Kit includes the following forms:

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Secrets of fiancee visa
to USA and UK

• How to apply
• Documents required
• Requirements to photographs
• Interveiw
• Where to apply

  • G-325A (biographic information)
  • I-129F (petition for alien fiancee)
  • I-134 (affidavit of support)
  • Intent to Marry

The USA Fiancee Kit also discusses in detail:

  • All the necessary documentation required from the BOTH of you (+ any child)
  • Proof of the relationship
  • Fees and other expenditures necessary
  • Requirements for the Photos for the application
  • List of items for her interview at the Embassy
  • Questions asked during the interview

For the Lady we also include in CYRILLIC examples of, where, how, to sign her forms as well as tell her of the Medical and Embassy dealings with her.

I will also tell you that this is not like applying for a CAR LOAN and that it can be an intimidating process. This is why we also offer a FULL fiancee visa service should you wish to use it. The fee for this is $500 ($600 if the lady has child(ren) . These prices INCLUDE all the completed forms for you, the lady and any child(ren) for the K-1. Not included in thiese price are any fees to immigration.

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USA Fiancee Visa Full Service

What we do for you and your lady:

We complete all the forms on our "official" INS software, send to YOU a "questionnaire" (for the information we need to complete the forms, a "document check list", "what questions are generally asked at the interview", "how the photos for INS are to look EXACTLY" etc. and consult you with any and all questions you may have about the process.

To your fiance we send the "same" information BUT we can send it all to her in RUSSIAN**, thereby eliminating the chance of anything getting "lost" in the translation.

We also keep a "hard" copy of all your forms, information well as a "soft" copy in our database for a period of "1" full year in case you misplace or lose anything (believe it or not it does happen).

The average "timeframe" from START(the INS receiving the application) to FINISH (her receiving her interview at he Embassy) is as of today 4-6 months.

Our fees are as follows:

  • $500.00* for a "single" lady
  • $600.00* for a lady with child(ren)no matter how many.

*We do NOT however include the $455.00 application fee to the INS as this is solely your responsibility.

These prices INCLUDE all the forms for you, the lady and any child(ren) for the K-1.

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